Minor irritant

Can’t believe I had a mozzie buzzing in my ear in the middle of the night last night – and we haven’t even left home yet. How can such a small thing cause such dread, when you have the bed covers flung off on a hot night, and you know that it’s going to bite you any second?

Of course, by the time I heard the irritating little buzz, I had already been bitten on my back and my hand. At least I knew where to find my insect repellent – right there at the top of my suitcase. It’s a strong one though – ready for the toughest Asian mosquitoes. One squirt and I reckon any bug in a two-mile radius must have been struggling to breathe. I know I was.

Ah well, it’s all training for the adventure, isn’t it? Just like today – going out in the midday sun with a temperature of 23 degrees. Although it doesn’t really compare… Bangkok currently has 35 degrees, with 63% humidity.

… and I thought I was the only little irritant in your bedroom…

One thought on “Minor irritant

  1. Well the big kids inside you as adults in disguise are on their adventure out of the comfort zone of Enid blyton and tintiin and faithful snowy… at least u know the spray works even in Jersey which of course everyone knows it is nit what u see first it is what u sense in hearing or internal physical lingo. May be amazon deliver top ups of spray in prime cover….


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