Welcome to Cambodia

The inevitable has happened. I woke up dreaming that I had been sick. (I hadn’t.) A few visits to the loo made it obvious that Imodium was required.

The timing of these things is never great – we were up at 5.15 to catch a 6.30 bus from Ho Chi Minh City to Phnom Penh. The extra time factored in was used for my toilet visits, even at the hotel while David checked out (he had to go and find an ATM. ‘You take cards for payment?’ Yes, we had been assured two days earlier. But not, apparently, on a Monday morning…) and again at the bus agency where we were to be picked up.

Luckily the bus was actually a very comfortable eight-seater Limousine van. Over the years we have collected a few sick bags from airlines, with just such a day in mind. Today I was equipped with three and all three were used! What a lifesaver knowing you don’t have to chuck in a plastic bag or make an emergency stop.

I was frustrated that I couldn’t talk to the chatty Vietnamese family with us. When we booked, the only two seats available were as far apart as they could be, David in the front seat, and me at the back at the opposite side.

Each time we stopped, I used the facilities. Fortunately the border crossing out of Vietnam and into Cambodia was quiet and effortless – and came with decent loos.

Two minutes into Cambodia and I was retching again. The poor Vietnamese girl next to me was probably never more glad that she was wearing her face mask.

Twice she reached into her bag and handed me the most beautiful smelling, cool wet-wipe. I could have cried.

I thought I must be the passenger from hell but they all smiled at me every time we got on and got off the bus, as if in sympathy, although when one of them bought a hot dog on a stick and ate it en route I nearly threw again.

It was one of those moments where you have to concentrate on not thinking about something. Equally, not thinking about what has given you Delhi Belly on Day 43.

David, however, continues to report ‘all well in poo land’. He copes by eating anything, drinking several beers and never using hand sanitiser.

We have been so lucky and eaten so well. It doesn’t half give you a kick up the sore arse that now we are in a different country we may need to exercise more care.

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